What’s in Your Wallet?

After chatting the basics about bitcoin, two of the most common questions I hear include (1) “So if I decide to get some bitcoin, where do I put it?” and (2) “What about Mt. Gox? Didn’t that show bitcoin could get hacked?” The answers to each question relies on a proper […]

Yes, Bitcoin Probably is Relevant to YOUR Practice

Recently the American Bar Association made a bold new ethical requirement for practicing lawyers. Comment 8 to Rule 1:1 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct now requires that attorneys “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” We […]

FEC Clears Way for Candidates and Political Action Committees to Accept Bitcoin

The Federal Election Commission has cleared the way for candidates and PACs to accept Bitcoin and to purchase and hold Bitcoin for investment purposes.  Bitcoin donations will be treated as in-kind contributions.  The Commission was deadlocked on the issue of whether candidates can pay for goods and services using Bitcoin, […]

Helpful Links

Whether you need to explain the basics of bitcoin to your mom, or you are wondering where to begin researching your legal issue, the following links should give you a place to start.   Bitcoin 101 What is Bitcoin? [Video by weusecoins.com] How Bitcoin is like the Internet in the […]

Amazon Exploring Accepting BitCoin Payments

As more retailers accept BitCoin, the legal issues involving this new frontier are certain to increase. CoinDesk.com reports on Amazon’s new patent that may result in the online retail giant accepting BitCoins in the near future.